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Loose Magazine Release (Ruger P94)

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Yes, I realize it's a Ruger, meaning a big thumbs-down from RKBA-peeps. But it's not mine, I'm just trying to help.

Recently The Girl has taken this P94 out to the range a few times, where we discovered the magazine release wasn't properly locking up with the magazines. When the magazine is fully inserted into the mag well, the mag release doesn't snap into place in the magazine, allowing the magazine to slip back out of the well. After you wiggle the magazine around a bit the mag release snaps into place.

Apparently this is a rather new development.

I took it apart to see if I could do anything (or at least just poke at it with a sharp stick), but came up with nothing. Anyone run into a similar problem or have any thoughts on a solution?

Here's the problem:

Tension holds mag release tight against the back of the trigger guard

Mag is fully seated in the mag well, but the mag release doesn't snap into the hole on the magazine.

After wiggling the magazine around for a while, the magazine release snaps into place.

This shows the piece that provides tension for the mag release, but I'm not sure what to do to increase the tension. Or should I take a Dremel and shave down the top of the part that catches the magazine so it catches better? Or would that cause a permanently wiggly magazine?

And because I have it, a picture of where the tension bar attaches to the front of the frame.

Thoughts? Anyone?

Thanks in advance.
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