»»» Frr ««« (lucyfurr) wrote in geekswithguns,
»»» Frr «««

Purchase Advice - G29 or G30?

I am planning to pick up a new Glock in a week or so. I currently have the G36, but I want something that can hold a few more rounds. I have decided on either a G29 or a G30. I already ordered the trijicons for it, so it has to be one of those two (or a 20/21 but those are too big for me to conceal). What do you suggest? Heres what I came up with so far:

G29 Pro: More powerful round, different caliber (variety)
G29 Con: 10mm rounds seem to be a lot harder to find, more expensive, will they become obsolete?

G30 Pro: already have 1000s of .45acp rounds, common round
G30 Con: I do have a 36 already
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