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words & weapons

geeks with guns
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a guns community of course, but with a geek twist.

The Rules (other wise known as common sense.)

[x] no flaming and or harrassment of other members. (this will not be tolerated whatsoever)
[x] off-topic posts will be deleted and rejected.
[x] this is a pro-gun community. if you don't like guns, you probably shouldn't be here.
[x] if you are posting pictures. great. however, they must be under an LJ cut. otherwise, deleted.
[x] it is fine you are a member of a differnet country, but please do speak english as most of us here do. thank you!
[x] you must be 18 or older to join this community.

ps! owning a gun, or at least having experience with one is a must. this is not a community for geeks who just play video games all day and bicker between which gun is cooler in counterstike.

... everything else, we'll make up as we go along.

this community is moderated and maintained by:

any questions, concerns; regarding anything... please feel free to email: geek_m0ds@yahoo.com

.22, .223, .308, .32, .44 magnum, .45, 1911s, 2nd amendment, aim, air force, ak-47, ammo, ammunition, ar-15, ar-15s, army, assault rifles, atari, b rated movies, back to the future, benchrest, benelli, beretta, big sexy guns, blinking, booger, boom sticks, bruce campbell, bullets, burst fire, bushmaster, ccw, chatrooms, christine, cmp, coastguard, colt, computer programing, computers, cops, counterstrike, criminal for hire, cs, doom, dorks, duke nukem, dvds, dweebs, farmer ted, firearms, franchi, geek squad, geeks, geeks with guns, geekswithguns.com, girls & with glasses, glasses, glock, glocks, got root?, gta san andreas, gta series, gun clubs, guns, h & k, handguns, heckler and koch, hellfire, hitmen, hunting, idpa, ipsc, jackhammer mk3a1, lan parties, law enforcement, linux, linux penguin, livejournal, luger parabellum, m-16, m-60, mac, mac-10, mafia, marines, men in uniform, message boards, microsoft, movies, mp4, mp5, muscle cars, napoleon dynomite, national rifle association, navy, nerds, nintendo, nra, pabst blue ribbon, pig cop, pistols, police officers, ps 2, quake, ranges, reloading, remington, revenge of the nerds, revolvers, rifles, rkba, role-playing games, root, ruger, sam raimi, scopes, sega genesis, self defense, semi-auto, shooting, shotgun sports, shotguns, sigs, silencers, sixteen candles, skeet, smith and wesson, snipers, steyer aug, swat, target shooting, tec-9, ted raimi, the evil dead series, thinkgeek.com, trap, trap shooting, trent reznor, type 52, uniforms, usmc, uspsc, uzi, valtro, video games, weapons, weapons of mass destruction, weekend at bernies