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Legislated out of self defense [10 Mar 2009|08:38am]

[ mood | angry ]

Murder in Clayton

This happened in my old home town, a tiny community in Contra Costa County, California. Evidently the murderer in question was upset that he couldn't return stamps so he decided to pull out his knife and cut the throat of an old man standing in line behind him.
What strikes me most is that if CA allowed concealed carry then the victim may have had a chance, and a chance is better to me than a body bag.


heya. [19 Feb 2007|02:49pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

i'm finally a gun owner and i'm a bit excited about it.

my father and brother between them own several rifles, handguns & assault rifles, but i finally wanted something to call my own when i went to the range. it's a modest .22, but i wanted to hear some opinions on it if anyone has any.

ruger 10/22Collapse )

i'm still trying to get used to the magazine style (i'd never seen this sort of 'box' rotary mag before), but the synthetic stock is pretty light and very comfortable.

so... anyone have any experience with the ruger 10/22?


Purchase Advice - G29 or G30? [13 May 2007|02:51pm]

I am planning to pick up a new Glock in a week or so. I currently have the G36, but I want something that can hold a few more rounds. I have decided on either a G29 or a G30. I already ordered the trijicons for it, so it has to be one of those two (or a 20/21 but those are too big for me to conceal). What do you suggest? Heres what I came up with so far:

G29 Pro: More powerful round, different caliber (variety)
G29 Con: 10mm rounds seem to be a lot harder to find, more expensive, will they become obsolete?

G30 Pro: already have 1000s of .45acp rounds, common round
G30 Con: I do have a 36 already

[14 Nov 2006|10:22pm]

In an attempt to make double action work for my Sig Mosquito, I removed the magazine safety and key lock tonight. It didn't fix the double action problem like it did with my wife's Walther P22, but it makes me feel better none the less.

It wasn't all that hard, I literally just removed all of the offending parts, listed below.
17 striker pin for integral safety lock
27 spring for integral safety lock
39 magazine safety
65 magazine safety pivot pin
63 spring for magazine safety

And now it actually works without a magazine, though I'm not convinced that the lock for the main spring is completely disabled.

You just drift out the magazine safety pivot pin and the rest falls out.

The problem with double action seems to be either the hammer or the trigger bar.

Amusing note, I seem to have a poorly translated manual, it lists the trigger bar, part 22, as the "recoil spring bar", and the magazine safety pivot pin, part number 65, as the Axle for integral safety lock. Those silly translators.

Reloading for the .45 GAP [28 Oct 2006|06:30pm]

have been doing some reloading for the .45 GAP and have found 3 loads that I really like. I e-mailed both Speer and Lyman to get Data and after loading and testing here are a few loads that I thought I would share.

Powder: 5.4grs Winchester 231
Primer: CCI 500
Case: Federal
Bullet: 200gr Hornaday XTP/HP

Powder: 6.9grs Unique
Primer: CCI 500
Case: Federal
Bullet: 200gr Lead Round Flate Nose.

Powder: 5.4grs Bullseye
Primer: CCI 500
Case: Federal
Bullet: 200gr Lead Round Flate Nose

Recoil it not very heavey at all in all the loads the Winchester 231 load had the least amount of recoil. All the rounds hit the target where I wanted them to all the way out to 15 yards at 25 there was a little drop but over all not bad all.

Absent friends [30 Jun 2006|07:20am]

I only know Jim Baen from his "Bar" on the internet but still feel he is a friend. He passed away on June 28 2006 after many years of providing wonderful stories.
Jim Baen is Baen Publishing and the authors he's found and supported have meant a great deal to me. David Drake is a military science fiction author with few peers and his words mean a lot to me.


Jim Baen October 22, 1943 - June 28, 2006Collapse )

Wow [27 Jun 2006|05:55pm]

Not even a geek wants this in a gun...

Encrypted Bullets

Hello Hello! [09 Jun 2006|09:37pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I just joined up a few days ago and thought maybe I should say hello! So, guns I currently own:

Sig Sauer P226, .40 s&w
Smith & Wesson 686, .357 mag
Bersa Thunder380, .380

Saving up for a shotgun, I've been eyeballing a Remington 870.

I am also an ex-armored guard (money trucks) which I did for three years and carried my Sig for that job. Currently, I sell guns at a local gun shop/firing range. And I have high hopes of becoming rich so I can open up my own shop/range which will be out of this world if I have my way (think catering to every kind of gun available).

Some Photos of my Little Family of FirearmsCollapse )


Greetings all [02 Jun 2006|08:29am]

O.K. new here So I will just toss out a few things and sit back.
Guns I own:
Springfield Armory 1911 .45( just like all the .45's in Sin city)
Dan wesson .357 revolver with a 6" barrel
browning buckmaster .22 target
taurus .25 ( pimp gun with a flip up barrel)
Kel Tec PT 3at .380 ( vest gun for the motorcycle)
ar 15 A2 carbine
norinco mac-90 sporter ( A-K knock off)
Savage 20 ga. side by side cut down to 18.5 " ( Ma kettle gun)
Winchester 30-30 saddle gun
Remington 870 12 ga. with extended mag and a "alley sweeper barrel"

Yes I do ride a motorcycle ( 1100 shadow spirit)

and lastly:
Remember the 2nd amendment does NOT "grant us the right to keep and bear arms.
it prevents the gubbment from taking that already existing right AWAY.

Just my free post ( and worth every penny)

Tech out..

Geeky Gun Goodness [01 May 2006|11:38pm]

This is my first time posting on this community. I own a 12 ga shotgun and currently have a .40 cal pistol as well. I took some artistic photos, along with some not-so-artistic photos, and thought people might enjoy them... they be behind the cutCollapse )

Loose Magazine Release (Ruger P94) [19 May 2006|12:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

X-Posted to Guns, Geekswithguns

Yes, I realize it's a Ruger, meaning a big thumbs-down from RKBA-peeps. But it's not mine, I'm just trying to help.

Recently The Girl has taken this P94 out to the range a few times, where we discovered the magazine release wasn't properly locking up with the magazines. When the magazine is fully inserted into the mag well, the mag release doesn't snap into place in the magazine, allowing the magazine to slip back out of the well. After you wiggle the magazine around a bit the mag release snaps into place.

Apparently this is a rather new development.

I took it apart to see if I could do anything (or at least just poke at it with a sharp stick), but came up with nothing. Anyone run into a similar problem or have any thoughts on a solution?

Cut for picturesCollapse )

Thanks in advance.


The boxoftruth guys doesn't get to have all the fun [31 May 2006|01:15am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

We went out to test the ballistic durability of hard drives... Ok so I wanted to shoot hard drives...
A few weeks ago we went out to a range in PA that we could shoot past 50 yards at. We had some hard drives that were decommissioned so we brought them. I always wondered how much damage a hard drive would take from a shot and how fesable it would be to destroy a hard drive with a shot. I know that the heat generated by impact will change electromagnetic properties but I was wondering about the case. Also it's more interesting then shooting paper. We also had some AOL surrender flags complete with CDs and some samples of granite blocks that the 308 turned into dust with 1 shot. Unfortunately we didn't get any 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch steel plates.

*Shooting drives is way more effective then bulk erasing them
*Shooting drives is more fun then doing 5 wipes and still worrying data may be recoverable
*Individual hard drives do not provide adequate cover in the server room, you need racks full of dedicated NAS racks

Next range trip:
*What happens to a running 166MHz laptop if its hit with a shotgun (my old pen test/capture the flag laptop from 4 laptop rotations ago, the vga is failing badly and occasionally I do need to bring it from run level 3 to 5)
*What happens to a motorcycle helmet with its hit with a 50 Beowulf (the helmet survived a flood and being used as backup paintball helmet in a scenario game it is no longer safe to be used to protect the brain case and has a weird moldy smell)
*Can a 286DX2 stop a 7.62x39 round?
*12GA sabbot vs a master lock

you know you want to see the picturesCollapse )


[25 Apr 2006|05:43am]

I have just started a community for people that like the whole old west cowboy action shooting thing. The URL is http://community.livejournal.com/cowboyways/ I have no members as of right now but everyone that has an interest in American history from 1860 to 1899.

cross posted

A look at the Second Amendment [18 Apr 2006|03:50am]


O.K. I posted this on my personal lj with out any back round and got to thinking that maybe the people would enjoy it. A very good friend is a college student at the local college, and was giving an assignment that he had to pick an issue and pick five friends to write some on the pro and five friends to write something on the con. Then he had to write a paper saying what side he was on based on the ten papers and he had to turn it all in. So he picked gun control and asked my to write something. So I did. What I wrote could have been alot better there are few thoughts that really go no place but over all I like it. If I had to write something like this for a grade I would have done better research and taking my time, but the professor was looking opinions and not some much fact, the idea of the assignment was how much do you friends effect what you like and or dislike. The best part of this is he got a pretty good grade he would not tell what it was, and the professor was really shaken up by my writing. The local college is very very left wing so I know that the professor will not be sleeping very well for awhile knowing I'm alive. After all I did get real creative and almost came across as militant and radical. You know it was really worth it.

A look at the Second AmendmentCollapse )


Lots and lots of images [15 Apr 2006|06:10pm]

What you are going to be looking at is images of target death. All from .45 Colt. Each picture will tell you what weapon how far. all of the bullet heads are 300gr Lead Round Flat Nose, and the Marlin 1894CB some of the loads are 11.9gr of Uniqiue This will be noted by the image, in fact each image will have a note telling you what you are looking at. All handgun are stooting the 9.2gr of Unique I may have in fact I know that I forgot that info on the images. The rounds out of the Marlin shooting the 9.3gr had a velocity of 1297 giving the bullet energy of 1120.35 foot pounds. The 3 inch Ruger had a velocity of 982 giving the engery of the bullet 642.24 foot pounds. The 5 inch ruger had a velocity of 1012 giving the bullet 682.08 foot pounds of energy. The 7 inch Ruger had a velocity of 1042 giving the bullet 723.11 foot pounds of engery. Very nice for hunting just about anything in North America.

Also you will find target death from the same 300gr bullet loaded in to .45 ACP these rounds had a velocity of 925.6 giving the bullet 570.46 foot pounds of energy. Very impressive for an ACP round. The main problem I had with the 300gr bullet in the ACP was I loaded it a bit to long and feeding was a big pain. I used 6.4gr of Unique and the back presure was a little high, it pushed the primers out a bit and beat the head stamps up pretty good.

It should be noted there are lot of images so if you are on dail up it may take a long while.

Target Death .45 ColtCollapse )

Target Death .45 ACPCollapse )


P7M8 mag & PPK/S problems [29 Mar 2006|12:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well I went out to the range today and shot my new H&K P7M8, it performed quite well using factory mags and plinking ammo. My stepfather shot it and had a four shot string all touching just above the bulls eye at 15 yards. On another note, I tried out some new Promag magazines as well, and I can say with no reservation they total sucked ass. After about two or three shots the mags would pop right out the bottom of the pistol, really lame. I also had one nasty jam requiring quite a while and some tools to clear, in short skip Promag magazine for your guns.

On a much happier track, I seemed to have solved the problem with my PPK/S; it was having problems stove piping and otherwise hanging up. I bought a reduced recoil spring from Wolff springs and after testing out a few (17, 16 lb) I found the 15 lb spring did the trick.


A new web forum on the subject of survival [28 Mar 2006|02:34pm]

There is a new web site that started up a few weeks ago called near death experiments. It's sole subject is survivalism and all things related to it. I've been posting there for a couple of weeks and it looks like it's going to do well. I thought I'd spread the word to anyone who might be interested.


Take a gander when you get the chance. Has an entire subforum dedicated to guns.

Fantasy pistol [29 Mar 2006|02:35am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I became a huge fan of an online comic and decided to make a fantasy gun from it.

This gun must make sounds. Mostly just 'ready to shoot' ones but more would be better.

No external lights but I will be rigging up a SureFire combat light as a 'stun' setting out the barrel. :)

I need advice on a sound module, amplifier and speaker system that is small but has good sound.

Size isn't much of a concern and I'm willing to just put the speaker in it and have a cord to the sound/amp and power system.


Well now, here's a cross-community post if I ever saw one... [21 Mar 2006|09:57pm]

How many people who carry also ride a motorcycle?

I was just reading in one forum that one state has a law that, if you're licensed for concealed carry, you have to carry concealed... unless you're riding... then you have to carry openly... until you get off of the bike.

Anyway, those who do ride, how do you carry?

I'm thinking that a tank bag with a holster would be the safest but hard to access... I don't think that I'd like to carry on my person, simply for the fall factor. Don't want to land on a pistol... that could be a Bad Thing™.

USPSA match photos [28 Feb 2006|09:32pm]

Some photos from an IPSC match, just for fun. I posted this in the Photography group (or I'm trying to), and I thought you guys might enjoy it also.

Read more...Collapse )

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