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P7M8 mag & PPK/S problems

Well I went out to the range today and shot my new H&K P7M8, it performed quite well using factory mags and plinking ammo. My stepfather shot it and had a four shot string all touching just above the bulls eye at 15 yards. On another note, I tried out some new Promag magazines as well, and I can say with no reservation they total sucked ass. After about two or three shots the mags would pop right out the bottom of the pistol, really lame. I also had one nasty jam requiring quite a while and some tools to clear, in short skip Promag magazine for your guns.

On a much happier track, I seemed to have solved the problem with my PPK/S; it was having problems stove piping and otherwise hanging up. I bought a reduced recoil spring from Wolff springs and after testing out a few (17, 16 lb) I found the 15 lb spring did the trick.
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