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The boxoftruth guys doesn't get to have all the fun

We went out to test the ballistic durability of hard drives... Ok so I wanted to shoot hard drives...
A few weeks ago we went out to a range in PA that we could shoot past 50 yards at. We had some hard drives that were decommissioned so we brought them. I always wondered how much damage a hard drive would take from a shot and how fesable it would be to destroy a hard drive with a shot. I know that the heat generated by impact will change electromagnetic properties but I was wondering about the case. Also it's more interesting then shooting paper. We also had some AOL surrender flags complete with CDs and some samples of granite blocks that the 308 turned into dust with 1 shot. Unfortunately we didn't get any 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch steel plates.

*Shooting drives is way more effective then bulk erasing them
*Shooting drives is more fun then doing 5 wipes and still worrying data may be recoverable
*Individual hard drives do not provide adequate cover in the server room, you need racks full of dedicated NAS racks

Next range trip:
*What happens to a running 166MHz laptop if its hit with a shotgun (my old pen test/capture the flag laptop from 4 laptop rotations ago, the vga is failing badly and occasionally I do need to bring it from run level 3 to 5)
*What happens to a motorcycle helmet with its hit with a 50 Beowulf (the helmet survived a flood and being used as backup paintball helmet in a scenario game it is no longer safe to be used to protect the brain case and has a weird moldy smell)
*Can a 286DX2 stop a 7.62x39 round?
*12GA sabbot vs a master lock

Decommissioned hard drives

Jane tries out the varminter

Helen with he MX-15

I still like the 308 more

How can you not like the 308?

Random interesting stuff we found in the back stop

Jane with the M2

Sighting in the varminter

To the untrained eye it may look like they are surrendering but they are actually gesturing at us in a threatening manner

I'm so proud of myself for hitting a laptop drive from 50 yards with a sabot slog with only a bead sight on the shotgun

This was a very failed attempt at home made ballistics gel that turned all nasty and melted under the hot sun and from being hit a few hundred times with 45ACP, 223 and 308.

Zombie slaying action

Pictures taken by Helen, Jane Rob and myself.


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