technicrat (technicrat) wrote in geekswithguns,

Greetings all

O.K. new here So I will just toss out a few things and sit back.
Guns I own:
Springfield Armory 1911 .45( just like all the .45's in Sin city)
Dan wesson .357 revolver with a 6" barrel
browning buckmaster .22 target
taurus .25 ( pimp gun with a flip up barrel)
Kel Tec PT 3at .380 ( vest gun for the motorcycle)
ar 15 A2 carbine
norinco mac-90 sporter ( A-K knock off)
Savage 20 ga. side by side cut down to 18.5 " ( Ma kettle gun)
Winchester 30-30 saddle gun
Remington 870 12 ga. with extended mag and a "alley sweeper barrel"

Yes I do ride a motorcycle ( 1100 shadow spirit)

and lastly:
Remember the 2nd amendment does NOT "grant us the right to keep and bear arms.
it prevents the gubbment from taking that already existing right AWAY.

Just my free post ( and worth every penny)

Tech out..
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