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Hello Hello!

I just joined up a few days ago and thought maybe I should say hello! So, guns I currently own:

Sig Sauer P226, .40 s&w
Smith & Wesson 686, .357 mag
Bersa Thunder380, .380

Saving up for a shotgun, I've been eyeballing a Remington 870.

I am also an ex-armored guard (money trucks) which I did for three years and carried my Sig for that job. Currently, I sell guns at a local gun shop/firing range. And I have high hopes of becoming rich so I can open up my own shop/range which will be out of this world if I have my way (think catering to every kind of gun available).

Only existing photo of the first gun I ever fired. It's a Ruger GP-100 that was horribly butchered in a rebuild, but was assigned to me at my first armored transport company. It was a sad day when "Fluffy" died, but she was quickly replaced.

That is my Sig, which replaced "Fluffy" as a personal handgun lease to the company, although she was bought and is still owned by me (they leased our guns for $1 a year. Nice). She doesn't look as good as she appears to anymore, having spent about 2 1/2 years being slammed into bank vault doors, ATMs, and trucks constantly. She was even run over by a truck once. But that is one great gun, and currently she still sits at my side at the gun shop and is also my concealed weapon.

This is my 686, which I have never carried for anything, but am considering qualifying with it so I can switch out from time to time. I don't think revolvers get the credit they deserve, and I'd like to give them some at the shop I work at. This is an amazing gun and I wouldn't give him up for anything.

My Bersa is a little brat. I originally bought her as a concealed gun, but I had a lot of issues with her in the start and lost my trust in her, so she's only a range gun at this point.

And if you haven't noticed, my guns do have genders. I am of the weird thought process that guns, like cars, develope personalities and eventually their genders become apparent as well. Don't ask, its weird. :)
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