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i'm finally a gun owner and i'm a bit excited about it.

my father and brother between them own several rifles, handguns & assault rifles, but i finally wanted something to call my own when i went to the range. it's a modest .22, but i wanted to hear some opinions on it if anyone has any.

i'm still trying to get used to the magazine style (i'd never seen this sort of 'box' rotary mag before), but the synthetic stock is pretty light and very comfortable.

so... anyone have any experience with the ruger 10/22?
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it's a good rifle, for both target shooting & small game (squirrel & rabbit)
welcome to the club btw, your next stop, a C&R FFL
i have already thought about it :)
The 10/22 is a fine .22 rifle and the stainless/synthetic model you have is my favorite. I have the exact same rifle and it has served me well.

Other than the fact that Bill Ruger was an evil SOB, I really like the 10/22. What you should do is buy a couple extra magazines for it. You don't to go nuts and buy a 50-rounder or anything. Just get a couple extra ones. They are kind of pain to reload IMHO so I like to have a few extras at the range and sometimes people not shooting can help reload them.

And one more thing, "Assault Rifles" are fully automatic. I would wager than what your friends have are just evil black rifles (semi autos probably) and are not rightly called Assault Rifles by any other than the anti-gun crowd.
thanks for the clarification. mostly my own n00b misuse of the word than anyone telling me anything wrong.

i've gotten a bunch of extra mags for just the reasons you described.
Another good reason to get extra mags for the 10/22 is that because I don't feel comfortable storing a magazine in the rifle unless it is being stored "loaded" for defense or anti-predator use. Thus, I always seem to misplace the tiny little box mag when it comes time to take it out shooting and it's worthless to shoot without the magazine. I've almost lugged the thing out to the range without the magazine but realized after tearing the place apart that I couldn't locate the magazine. So I bought more.

If you live out in the country and have coyote or fox problems with your livestock, the 10/22 is about the perfect trunk/backdoor/barn rifle and should be kept loaded all the time for the opportunity shot. But if the magazine should get separated from the rifle it is easy to get lost. Buy MORE just in case. They are cheap :)

I love the 10/22. In plain form it is awesome for plinking and teaching others. You can go nuts and trick one out like crazy with a different barrel, stock, trigger group, bolt, and optics, and have an amazingly accurate rifle.

If the stock magazine annoys you, you can get a higher capacity one, which I like just because it lengthens the time between having to reload.
I LOVE the Ruger 10/22. It's a true classic. I have 2. One vintage, all original, no mods with an old skool ruger scope made for it. It's heavy with it's walnut stock but it's as it accurate as it was when i pulled it out of the box some decades ago.

The other one I have is a fully tricked out with a folding stock, volquartzen (a company that makes match quality parts) *everything* from the trigger assembly, reciever, fluted barrel, etc. it's weighs a third of what a stock ruger weighs but it's way way more accurate over 50yards.

I have recommended them to dozens of friends and they have all loved how well built and reliable they are. Especially for young or novice shooters, it's perfect.

I hope you have lots of fun and be safe.
I actually the model you have pictured. It's a very decent .22 rifle.

It's inexpensive to (initally) buy, it's inexpensive to feed ($20 for 500 rounds? dirt cheap fun right there.), and you can customize it almost to the ends of the earth.

It's an excellent rifle to train with for target practice, the .22 round does a decent job on small game, and it's a very durable rifle.
I have two, and I like both of them.

The magazine issue is not a big deal either. If you want a move conventional mag, I like the Butler Creek ones. They are straight feed, rather than the rotary style ones, and come in MA-safe 10 round capacity.

(I like the 25 rounders myself)
I recommend learning how to take it down as much as you can and cleaning it. You will appreciate the knowledge. When I got mine new it still had some sort of grit in it. I'm not sure if it was from Ruger or from something spilled in it along the way.

Consider an extended magazine release as the one in it is IMHO difficult to use and a higher capacity magazine if you're allowed them. Not Eagle mags nor that 50rnd tear drop one. Ones with metal lips or the 'hot lips' ones.

This release is a bit extreme but it looks like it'd work well and looks easy to install, there are others out there.

The 10/22 is like a generic lego set, there are so many addons for it you can replace every part on it with some application specific item. High accuracy, no problem. Speed take down kit so it will fit in a small case, can do. Shorter barrel, longer barrel, more comfortable stock, etc, etc.

I have two 10/22's

I'm refinishing the stocks on both of them right now (Pictures next week).

Here is one of them with my Dragunov

I highly recommend the butler creek 25rnd magazines.